Our Story

Equidae London

Performance Equestrian Wear


How we began

All creation is the joining of things to make a new thing. And it's passion that drives it.

I've always loved horses. Horses and riding and everything that goes with it - the competition and community, the muddy fields and pinecones, the stately splendour and tender care. And I've always loved fashion - in fact, I made it my career.

Equidae unites these passions to create clothing that's performance fit but styled for elegance. Clothing that's comfortable yet luxurious. Clothing that says this is what I love, this is who I am.

Who we are

As a new brand, Equidae doesn't need to adapt to the modern world. It's modern from the start, built with modern values, to fit a modern world.

When you create something new, we believe it's important to ask how it was made, what was the cost to the environment, who made it, and where.

At Equidae we've created a range that's not only fashionable but ethical and sustainable. We're guided by these values. They inform everything we do.

Who we want to be

I designed Equidae's range for performance. It's comfortable, practical, and inspires confidence in the saddle. It's also elegant and luxurious, inspiring another kind of confidence. The kind that makes you want to sit high in the saddle and let the world look at you.

I want Equidae to be a bold statement - the logo proudly emblazoned - about who you are, and who you want to be.

We're all reaching for something, after all. Here, at Equidae, we've just got started, but we've got big plans. Come along, share our passion, and watch us grow.